Experiencing the Ancient Mexican Massage of Sobada

The Mexican massage spa treatment that best symbolizes Mexico is the Sobada massage. This luxury massage treatment originated from the traditional Mayan massage developed by the ancient Maya. It is a non-invasive, external massage therapy which is simply referred to as "la sobada" meaning "the massage".

The core focus area for this massage is your abdominal region where your navel is considered to be your body's "centre of power.

The Sobada massage therapy begins with the herbal bath, using traditional Mayan herbs, to stimulate both physical and spiritual rejuvenation. This is then followed by the traditional Mayan massage, using aromatherapy oils which are said to stimulate your circulatory system.

In this Mayan massage, the therapist focuses on your abdominal area and deep massages your internal organs. The massage starts at your navel, and the deep and penetrating massage techniques are performed in a slow and gentle manner relieving any tension within your abdominal muscles. As the massage moves gentle across your stomach it serves to stimulate and align your internal organs and relieves any muscle spasms. After the abdominal area, the therapist then continues on to your back, arms and legs, using long repetitive strokes.

The Sobada massage therapy is ideal after any strenuous sporting activity as it works wonders on sore joints, and muscles that are fatigued or injured.

These popular Mayan massage techniques also play a leading role in local traditional medicine where it is used to treat a wide variety of ailments from reproductive disorders in women to prostate problems in men.

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