Luxury Massage Spas:
A Global Guide

Here you will find luxury spas that would enable you to indulge your spa-ing passion around the world.

Luxury Massage is a consumer website dedicated to researching the world of luxury spas and bringing you some of the best luxury spas from various interesting locations around the world.

We are not a magazine-based website so there are no subscription fees to be paid. So do feel free to visit and surf our site at your leisure.

Types of Massage Spas and Therapies

Here we will be sharing with you the following:

  • Various kinds of massage spas to visit, such as day spas, medical spas, mountain spas, resort spas, hotel spas, island spas, and even cruise ship spas.
  • Some of the various types of massage therapies, e.g., holistic, Chinese, shiatsu, aromatherapy, reflexology, Swedish, Ayurvedic, Thai massage, and Lomi Lomi, etc.
  • We will give you a brief description of some the types of massage techniques you can expect to be used on you.
  • Specialty spa ventures for; singles, seniors, golfers, business incentives, and honeymooners.
  • Articles of interest related to spas.
  • Give you the opportunity to post your spa experiences on this site.
  • Sharing with you massage spas from around the world.

Connect to some of the best indigenous luxury massage spas in Asia, Africa, Europe and America.

In Asia -- you could experience a lifetime exploring the various indigenous massage experiences.

In China the sheer size and the hustle and bustle of the cities such as Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, to name but a few, makes a visit to a spa a welcomed and rejuvenating experience.

In fact some of these spas take indulgence to a whole new level.

Nowhere is China's luxurious lifestyle more visible than in Hong Kong and Shanghai, often touted as the business and fashion centres, respectively of the East. In fact, you won't find a more dynamic city in the world, than Hong Kong.

In Africa -- after the adventures of an African safari what better way to unwind than with a massage at one of the luxury massage spas scattered throughout Southern Africa.

In Europe...

In Canada, from east to west...

In United States...

In Mexico...

In South America...

Join us as we massage spas.

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